Resort Review: Royal Decameron Montego Bay in Jamaica
3.0Royal Decameron Montego Bay
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Royal Decameron Montego Bay is a hoot. The resort offers a plethora of on-site activities—from the pier-top volleyball court to the massive entertainment stage—for visitors to enjoy. Whether spending your afternoon perched on an underwater stool at the resort’s notorious swim-up bar, home to the sometimes-taxing game Zuma Zuma, or relaxing on the plush red loungers dispersed throughout the property, there is certainly something for all types of travellers to enjoy.


Few resorts succeed at offering an authentic island experience. You arrive, you check-in, you lounge—but you rarely get a feel for the destination you are visiting, at least not an honest one. At Royal Decameron Montego Bay, there is no denying that you are in Jamaica. Rastafarian-inspired art lines the halls, reggae remixes are regularly streaming through the speakers and employees are just as ready to encourage a game of shuffleboard or cricket as they are to challenge you to a game of Zuma Zuma at the sometimes-rowdy swim-up bar. Did we mention that both resorts offer a nightclub experience on-site at the Montego Bay property? The club serves guests until two a.m. with a local DJ spinning Top 40 and dancehall mixes. To learn about the amenities offered on the shared beach next door at Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach, click through to its resort review here.


Forget the frozen food aisle, after you cross the street from Royal Decameron Montego Bay you will never crave a faux Jamaican patty again. Also located on the “Hip Strip”, Royal Decameron MoBay offers guests access to Montego Bay’s premiere destination for shopping and nightlife. Regularly patrolled and policed, with friendly locals and an eclectic mix of shops and boutiques, guests can stroll along the “Hip Strip, all the way to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville or a for a Friday night at Pier One.


Royal Decameron Montego Bay might be older than its new sister property next door, but it certainly offers more square footage. The standard rooms offer guests a semi walk-in closet and full bathroom (yes, there is a bathtub in Montego Bay rooms). They also house a couch, which can be pulled out to accommodate an additional guest. Most rooms offer ocean views but some can be obstructed by palm trees (a “problem” that is certainly not one to get in a huff about). Every room has a balcony.


Royal Decameron Montego Bay has two restaurants, a snack bar (shared with the Cornwall Beach property) and an all-you-can-eat buffet. Dining at fresco is a must, so make sure to arrange a dinner reservation early in the morning to ensure that you experience a Montego Bay sunset. Food and dining options range from local delicacies to standard international cuisine—all just as delicious as the last. Our favourite: curried goat, an absolute must-try when visiting Jamaica. Feeling basic? Hit the snack bar.


Perfectly priced for travellers of all ages to experience Jamaica, Royal Decameron Montego Bay offers a fun-filled holiday environment with just enough cultural connection to ensure you remember you’re in Jamaica.

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