Powerful and elegant—two words definitely associated with the beauty look at Tracy Reese’s Fall/Winter 2017 presentation this weekend at New York Fashion Week.

CantuProductsThe show boasted a number of models coupled with inspirational real women and the hairstyling was directed by Cantu lead stylist Bok-Hee. Creating a style of opposing forces, Bok-Hee tamed the crown with sleek shea butter products by Cantu, while accentuated their natural flair at the tips.

This hairstyle is easy to achieve for all types of hair. Feel free to substitute Cantu products for your styling line of choice. Just remember to keep the crown sleek and soft so you can focus all the va-va-voom into the tips.

Bok-Hee broke down the hair style, step-by-step, so you can replicate the look.


  1. Parting the hair at the centre and spray with Cantu Thermal Shield Heat Protectant.
  2. Flat iron top of hair down to the ears.
  3. Shape crown using Cantu Extra Hold Edge Stay Gel to tame and mold tightly.
  4. Lastly, style from mid-lengths down by spraying Cantu Refresh Dry Co-Wash to define and create natural texture.

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