Have your eyes been glued to the catwalk, jotting down the beauty trends this season chez New York Fashion Week? Jot no more—we have the steps behind Zero+Maria Cornejo‘s beauty look from the Spring 2017 presentation at NYFW.

nyfw_ss_17_zmc-118The Chilean fashion designer, based in the Big Apple, teamed up with James Pecis of Hot Tools and PHYTO, to create the tousled beauty look for Cornejo’s Spring 2017 presentation. Edgy, but not over dramatic, the collection drew inspiration from New Orleans—its heat, colours and soulful blend of people—and the beauty look was crafted to pair perfectly with unrefined beauty of the south. Think Southern Chic, with a eco-friendly twist, all wrapped up in the most luxurious of packages.

Tangles and threads aside, this heavy eye and lightly-teased hair can double as the perfect night-on-the-town do.

Below are some tips from Pecis on how you can achieve the Zero+Maria Cornejo look. 

1. Part hair in the middle.

2. Prep hair with volumizing spray and dry using a professional (or not-so professional) blow dryer.

3. Surrounding the face, use a curling iron to create an “S” shape wave. Start by working from the top down and clamp the hair over and under the iron, until you achieve the perfect “S” waves.

4. Work towards the back, repeating the “S” wave process until done.

5. Break up the waves with a fibre paste, or putty, rub all over for complete coverage.

6. Then, twist the hair into four sections—right, left, back and crown—then clip lightly. Let it sit in the clips.

7. After a few minutes, release the clips and hand-tease your hair for additional volume.

8. Finish with a light hold hairspray to ensure everything stays in place.

Pecis suggests PHYTO and Ulta Hot Tools!

nyfw_ss_17_zmc-39 nyfw_ss_17_zmc-87